(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
v. look (at), scrutinize, examine; view, stare, ogle; regard, follow, survey; be alert, guard; chaperone, tend, baby-sit; oversee, superintend; wait, guard, patrol. —n. vigil, surveillance, sentry duty; guardianship, care; supervisor; guard, watchman, sentinel, lookout; timepiece, pocket watch, wristwatch. See safety, vision, chronometry.
(Roget's IV) n.
1. [A portable timepiece]
Syn. wrist watch, pocket watch, hunter, half-hunter, stopwatch, chronometer, digital watch, analog watch, ticker*; see also clock .
2. [Strict attention]
Syn. lookout, observation, observance, surveillance, awareness, attention, vigilance, guard, heed, watchfulness.
Ant. neglect*, sleepiness, apathy.
3. [A period of duty or vigilance]
Syn. patrol, guard duty, night watch, shift, vigil, picket duty, sentry duty, trick*, dogwatch*, graveyard watch*, graveyard shift.
4. [Those who keep a watch, sense 3]
Syn. guard, sentry, sentinel, picket, watchman, lookout, scout, spotter, observer, signalman, flagman, shore patrol, S.P., military police, M.P.; see also guardian 1 .
1. [To be attentive]
Syn. observe, see, scrutinize, follow, attend, mark, regard, listen, wait, attend, take notice, contemplate, mind, view, pay attention, concentrate, look closely.
2. [To guard]
Syn. keep an eye on, keep (a) prisoner, patrol, picket, police; see also guard 2 .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus)
1. observation lookout, surveillance, eye, sharp eye, weather eye, attention, observance, vigil, supervision, inspection, guarding, sentry.
2. timepiece wristwatch, chronometer, horologue, *ticker.
1. observe look at, eyeball, eye, pay attention to, inspect, scrutinize, gaze at, view, regard, keep one's eyes on, see, behold, examine.
2. guard watch over, *baby-sit, protect, look after, oversee, keep an eye on, patrol.
(Roget's Thesaurus II) I verb 1. To look at or on attentively or carefully: eye, observe, regard, scrutinize, survey. Idioms: have one's (or keep an) eye on, keep tabs on. See AWARENESS, SEE. 2. To have the care and supervision of: attend, care for, look after, mind, minister to, see to, tend2. Idioms: keep an eye on, look out for, take care (or charge) of, take under one's wing. See CARE FOR. II noun 1. The act of observing, often for an extended time: observance, observation, scrutiny. See AWARENESS, SEE. 2. The act of carefully watching: lookout, surveillance, vigil, vigilance. Idiom: watch and ward. See AWARENESS. 3. A person or special body of persons assigned to provide protection or keep watch over, for example: guard, lookout, picket, protector, sentinel, sentry, ward. See AWARENESS, SAFETY. 4. A limited, often assigned period of activity, duty, or opportunity: bout, go, hitch, inning (often used in plural), shift, spell3, stint, stretch, time, tour, trick, turn. See TIME. 5. A watch over the body of a dead person before burial: wake1. See RITUAL.

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